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My name is Dave. I just bought my first airbrush and was going to use it to do detail work on my RC airplanes then I found the Airbrush Tutor videos on the web. I figured I would give it a shot. At 50 years old (yesterday), I have no aspirations of becoming a professional airtist but if I can use my airbrush to suit my own needs, that is good enough for me. I respect those who are talented with the airbrush because of the level of realism that can be attained and skills needed to produce great artwork. Hopefully, through the use of this forum and the info that will be found here, I can elevate my skill level and start to produce my own artwork. Even if it is just a realistic looking eye. Here is my fist attempt at using my airbrush for anything other than line and dots.


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I think that is an awesome first attempt Deja, hello from South Australia
yeah!! that's the first eye template i've seen anyone else do=) good to know people are using it to practise! You're creating the texture with the perfect action but try to focus on getting your shapes 100% before adding texture.. i go through the videos like it takes 10 minutes to learn but getting from shapes to textures is probably like 70 hours worth of practise!
thanks for posting the pic up Deja Dave i hope you get alot out of these sites:)
Great work makes my first efforts look sad .
Keep it up!!!!
Thanks everyone. Mitch I think that the eye is a wonderful teaching aid. It it were not for your template I'm sure I would not have had such a good result. I watched your videos over and over again and really observed your technique and believe that and the templates made all the difference in the world to a rookie like me. I actually have a friend who wants to learn airbrushing and I showed him your videos and he is now using your templates as well. As I said, I have no illusions of greatness here, but I am hoping to learn to control the airbrush and feel confident that I can make it do what I want, when I want. My main problem is double action consistency. I look forward to more videos and learning these techniques as we go along. Great forum you have started here. I'm happy to be involved.
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WELCOME deja!! Im gonna be up front with you!! Im originally from columbus OHIO and YES, Im a BUCKEYE fan!! If you are a WOLVERINE fan then lets just call a truce rite now!!! LOL!! i just had to throw that in there!!! LOL!!!!