Hello from down home country Oklahoma



Hi! My name is Michelle, I'm from Oklahoma USA. I'm a full time mom of two amazing boys, and wife of a hunk of a sheriffs deputy. By day I'm a hairstylist/cosmetologist in my own establishment, Chrome Salon and I homeschool my boys. I've always loved and been involved in "the arts" weather it be in theater, music, on canvas or on someone's head and face. I've painted with brushes, minimally, for many years but have always wanted to learn to airbrush. I'm really excited about honing my skills. The thing that I've had to overcome in all forms of artistic creation is my perfectionism. I need to just let it flow and not be afraid that I'll screw it up, and to keep at it in order to get better.
Welcome Michelle, nothing wrong with perfectionism as long as you know you have to learn the basics first, everything you need is here and you can ask all you want so you can get to know what you should be doing.

Two things I need to know, please tell me your hunk of sheriff's deputy doesn't chew tobacco and also that when say "on someone head and face" you don't mean a good bitch slapping, lol
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!don´t worry here is a lot of support and advice,so let the perfectionism in the shelf!!!
Welcome to the forum from NH.

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Im totally overwhelmed by the welcomes! Thank you! And no he doesn't chew, lol!
Welcome from Canada, from one perfectionist to an other you will have to be more forgiving of yourself in the beginning or you will just end up filling the trash with your work. With all the help on this forum soon you will be able to fix little mistakes that are bound to happen when air shoots through paint.

Hope you enjoy airbrushing as much as we do on the forum. :)
Welcome aboard Michele, we are all perfectionist on here for our sins:). The thing with airbrushing is you are always learning and always improving, you will make mistakes and there is a lesson learnt, bring on the next lesson! We are all here to help and have been there so no problem just ask:). Good to have you with us and we all have stuff to share,so enjoy, dive in and spread that damn love!