Hello from Down Under



Hi there everyone, I just joined and I am really wrapped I found you guys! I am from Melbourne and am currently waiting to receive my airbrush kit! I have wanted to take up this form of art for years but other things had to come first. I look forward to getting to know you all and can't wait to dive into airbrushing and find out all there is to know about it here. Cheers :)

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Radio, you won't be disappointed. Lots to learn here and it costs you nothing. :). Hopefully you have checked out ALOT of the forum and you have the basics and the advanced. The best part is, they all work together. No egos just the love of airbrushing. Welcome from Florida. Great to have you as a new member.
Thank you IDMT and bad for the welcome, I have been checking out everything I possibly can, I love the web site, I hope I get so good at this and I already have so many ideas running through my head!

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hey there... welcome home im so excited for you getting your first kit and starting on your journey.... you will love it.... you will hate it.... but at evry turn you can guarantee someone is on here to share it with.... good luck.
Welcome home, Good to have you here and you have found a great place to learn and hangout at.
We are a family here and we always love when it expands..
Hi from the uk, sounds like you got all the enthusiasm you need. Hold onto that thought. There may be frustrations ahead, but stacks of fun also, you'll never regret picking up an airbrush!
Thanks for the warm welcome peeps! Already loving this group!!!

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Hi from the UK, I agrre totally with your sentiments having joined myself yesterday! Let this be a journey of discovery and enlightenment :eek:nthego: