Hello from England



Hi all Im Joe from Bristol, Ive never done any airbrushing at all but have always been admired people that were able to and finaly have decided to pull my finger and and give it a go and get stuck in! Im a creative person alway have loved drawing and painting and just creating art work in general. ive just spen the evening looking at all the tutorials to get a feel for the sort of thing that is involved and cant wait to get started and practise!
Welcome from Kent. Loads of help & advice on here to get you started :)

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hi from Manchester you will like it here
so crack on :encouragement:
Welcome from Kent. Loads of help & advice on here to get you started :)

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yeah have seen there are loads of great bit and pieces on here :)

i'm looking a kit from RGD tools has 2 dual action airbrushes and a 3lts tank and compressor from what i've read and a few people who have this say its great for the money and its got the dual action airbrushes which after watching the videos is going to be what I need to do what I want to do
Hello Joe, welcome! And this is the best forum to get started, loads of good stuff :D
Just cant wait to get paid and get some paint and go nuts hahaha :) its one of those things where I know once I get started im just going to get sucked in and border line obsessed but no point doing it half hearted ;)
Welcome from Florida. IDMTmedic is right you will be hooked and hooked quick! This is a great forum full of great talented people. I hope you like it here. Can't wait to see some of your work.

thanks all for the warm welcome once i get my kit im going to do the tutorials so i can get used to it all and then we will see what i can come up with, look forward to sharing my work :)
Welcome in mate, enjoy this great forum and do your spreading of the luvvvvvv stuff!
Hi Joe,Welcome to the forum, if you need help getting around the site ask me, if you need airbrushing tips don't ask me, LOL

You wont regret the investment if you are creative and determined. Welcome
Welcome! I'm in Sussex. You'll soon see that airbrushing isn't really that hard!!