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Hi guys and gals well started airbrushing about 9 months ago on and off because work and im a pinstriper by trade iv always been in two the custom art thing I saw a few airbrush vids and thought yea thats cool then I was at a hot rod show and saw a 41 willys pickup airbrushed metal plates and rivets and just fx and I thought yea boy thats for me so a bougt a big 24 ltr compressor which sounds like thunderbird 2 taking off some paints and a iwata neo that broke so I went and got a harder&steanback ultra 2 in 1 and to be honest not liking it that mutch so on the look for somthing els
Welcome to the forum. Lot's of great threads about the different airbrushes. Might help you sort through the pros and cons of each one and settle on one that you really like.... or... like has happened to so many on here.... you'll just keep buying new ones, and one day you wake up and realize.... "I'm an airbrush hoarder"

Either way, welcome and jump right in and have some fun
Welcome to the forum from the US

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Welcome to the forum... Mr.e, you may possibly get some stick choosing a name like that...lol
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Welcome to the forum!
What don't you like about the Evolution? I have and Infinity, and it is my favorite brush.
Hi Mr E from a fellow Brit. You def get what you pay for with an AB. Don't be put off buying Iwata after the issues with the neo, they are made by someone else and branded as Iwata as a cheap starter brush. I mostly paint bikes and use a Iwata HP-CS which is ideal as it's a workhorse, and can also get great detail, and is great for the money at around £118, not cheap, but still towards the cheaper end. The Badger Krome is another favourite around here although I haven't played with one yet, people seem to like them. Are you going to use urethane or water based paints? The Iwata should be good with uro's as the seals are Teflon, and if you are doing automotive and want water based, make sure it is lightfast. Enjoy!
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thanx guys for the warm welcome i will try to post some pics up of some of my work soon
hello guys there is some pics of my work in the works in progress thread thanks again
hello again i have no idea were to put this but i am realy strugling with work iv got my web page sorted my face book page sorted iv done some shows gone to some shops given b cards out 1000s and still not one job loads of intrest just wonderd how you guys do it iv had 2 jobs in 9 months and these have been for mates any help would be sweet
it's not easy. Not many people can make a “living” from airbrushing alone unless they work in a custom shop painting bike and cars. advertise everywhere you can online. Paint on anything you can find. Sell at markets if you need to. Build up a good portfolio. Stick at it, don’t give up and don’t be afraid to do or sell your art for next to nothing to get your name out there.

i also found this which might help
AIRBRUSH MARKETING - Tips and Secrets For The Airbrush Artist
Have you ever noticed how all the Big Name airbrushers, hold classes, or help develop products, or make DVD's? I'll bet this is where most of their money comes from. It's hard trying to make money from ABing. You either have to be super cheap so that you can guarantee the work comes in, but then are you covering your costs? You certainly won't cover your time. Or try and get what you think your ABing is really worth, in which case you'll price a lot of people out of the market, and be able to work at a standard and use materials to justify the cost to the customer. It's not easy. You can't beat word of mouth I think, so consider doing some demo pieces and ask them to be displayed in various locations, maybe get a market stall, or an on line shop, do a cheap or even free piece for someone who has access to the market you are trying to reach and have your details all over it, etc. Basically you need to get your stuff seen, so use all the social media sites too, it can take a while to build a reputation, so just keep painting, keep promoting yourself, and don't get disheartened. At the end of the day you have to love doing it. Unfortunately ABing is a bit like acting, or singing, millions of people do it, belong to small companies, local groups, and are really awesome at it, but only a very small minority ever get to make a decent living out of it. To make sure you are one of those people, get noticed, keep bringing out new work to keep interest alive, develop your own style, and get yourself noticed.