Hello from Florida!


Airbrush Acquisition Disorder Patient
Just wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum. I used to Airbrush years ago, but haven't touched one since 92'. I just picked up an Iwata Hi-Line CH and a Studio Jet compressor. I'm pretty excited to get things rolling again and look forward to sharing my experiences on the forum.
Welcome home form Indiana , Look forward to seeing your new and old work.
Heya jag, what part of Florida? Welcome to a great forum!!! Your experience will help a bit and a whole lot of experienced great artist from all over the world
I live in Bradenton, I'm about 10 miles north of Sarasota. Having not touched an airbrush since 92' I'm sticking to basic control and line exercises for now. :) I'll contribute where I can.

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!
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Hi Jag:) wat a beautiful part of the world. Keep us updated as to how u go with your compressor!

Thank you sir, I love your tutorials and your work is outstanding. You come from a great place also, I spent 5 weeks in Sydney/Wollongong. I would like to return some time in the future, it was probably my favorite of my world travels.