Hello from Fort Worth, Texas.



Thought I'd introduce myself - I'm a commercial designer, illustrator and photographer and I'm getting back into airbrushing after about 20 years away. I'd like to get back into it as an addition to my illustration work and hopefully get a little bit of an edge. Fewer and fewer designers and illustrators these days work in traditional media, and if they do they don't seem to know how to get it into a digital work flow.

So here's to new (old) things!
Hi and welcome to the forum swank. Im also a hobby photographer ( mostly macro photography ) and sometime ago i was working alot in photoshop but all just for fun not for a living :) .
stranger375 - thanks! I love macro work but don't have a lens for it right now. I've always been drawn to the technical aspect of photography - same with airbrushing...I like the blend of tech/artistic.

seamonkey - Pressures on! lol.

I do have a somewhat current digital portfolio...not of AB stuff though...and I can't seem to post the link (spammer thing I'm sure...) As of right now I'm going through all of the basics in brush control and setup. I may try to do something in the next few weeks though - I'd like to at least. I can't say I'll be a 100% freehand ab'er though. I see this as a means to enhance hand work with watercolor and ink work that I've been doing already. Just trying to grow really...
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Welcome to the forum, Im your Northern neighbor in Southern Oklhaoma. Glad to see you gettin back in it. Imagine where you'd be now if you never left it!!! Probably the same place I would be if I had ever started it way back when I wanted to!!
Hi Swank - sounds like a different sort of approach to everyone else on here - looking forward to seeing what new things you come up with:)
Hello from Fl. Swank five. You will learn a great deal here and they will get you up to speed quickly. Great people with a shared love for ABing from all over the world. Enjoy the forum, learn, share, teach. :). Above all welcome and have fun.
Thanks everybody! I appreciate the warm welcome. I'm so brain-dead at the end of the day that I'm going to need all of the help I can get to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I won't disappoint too much lol - I don't do a lot of the cool stuff like motorcycle helmets/tanks or portraits, etc - I've gone through the gallery here and I have to say there's a lot of really impressive work. I'll be doing more product design illustration, kids or kid-friendly illustration - stuff like that. I've been studying up on Petty and Vargas' techniques a little and want to incorporate some of that into what I do (only without the scantily-clad women, unfortunately) stylistically...so I may be an odd mix into the crowd but hey, that's kind of okay I think. I was really impressed with airbrush tutor's youtube videos and need to get the basics down before I go buck-wild though.

I'm working on an idea now trying to find a stinking reference photo (or two or three) - but my organization system is about as tight as my ab skills, so it looks like I'll be sitting here for a while.
Swankay! I wasn't expecting something so professional! Awesome design work! U obviously have quite a bit of recognition for the works u do and for good reason!
Welcome :) awesome work. Looking forward to seeing what you do with an airbrush.
Hey thanks guys! - I really appreciate the kind words. I've got a lot of room to grow though. Def. wanted to get an example of my illustration style up so everyone can understand where I'm going. I'm a big fan of the 80s California Airbrush style, but I'm probably looking to use more of the Vargas/Petty techniques.

we'll see how that goes. lol
Wowzer, you got skills, can't wait to see what you'll produce when you transfer those skills to airbrushing! I think you'll bring a unique perspective , and I will be looking forward to that!