Hello from Georgia



I haven't started airbrushing yet, though I see it in the near future. Initially my simple desire is to customize my motorcycle and helmet. Everything is stock on it right now and I'd like to personalize it a bit. Who knows where we can go from there. I live in a town that gets quite a few tourists throughout the year and is near a beach - so there could be an income opportunity.

A little background - I retired from the fire service after 30 years and from the Air Guard after 22 years total service. Retirement is great, though you can only fish so much. Wow, did I really say that?

Thanks to all the members of this forum for sharing you knowledge and expertise.
Welcome home devans. Nice to add you into the family and you have found the best site to learn , hang out and hell we can even talk fishing.. and how to paint those lures up to catch the big ones:D
Welcome to the forum a lot of great advice on this forum. A lot of inspiration as well. Oh and I'm also in Georgia but I think you might be on the opposite side. I'm in Newnan, GA. If your closer than I'm thinking maybe we can go ride sometime an teach eachother little tips and tricks with the airbrush.
Welcome to the forum from NH.

I too started so I can paint my bike. It has escalated to a ton of learning, and no painting of to bike yet , but I am soon to start.

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Painting my bike was the reason I started, and I got hooked! It's a pretty sweet feeling when you get asked who painted your bike and you can say "Me"!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home like i do!!!:angel: