hello from Greece!



hello to everyone. It is nice to be here with so many people. in greece airbrush is not so popular except for modelling and body painting. I started with modelling but i realized that airbrush can do magic with art. For a couple of years i was drawing with colored pencils and graphite. Airbrush feels like i have a lot more control and power over art... i had a cheap airbrush(from modelling) but soon i replaced it with a harder & steenbeck ultra. 2 months ago i bought the iwata hp b-plus and now i cant let it go off my hand. I think for a new purchace now... the iwata cm c-plus. I use createx wicked colors and i like painting on hard surfaces like plywood or MDF. I've uploaded a gallery with a few of my works to see what i like to paint.

Any help or suggestions would be very helpfull.... I am all allone here...
Hello and welcome to the Forum, you are not alone I can say that with confidence. Enjoy your stay here and as asway if you have any questions.

Hi Vasilis, welcome from the uk. I don't know anyone else who airbrushes either, apart from all the guys here. All their expert help and advice is more than you'll ever need!
Hello and welcome from the US, lots of talent and knowledge and experience all for the asking!!
Hi vasislis, you have come to the rigth place in case you need help or direction. You'll find the people in this forum are the best. Welcome to the family :)
Hi vasilis. Friendly crowd here, and some great advice.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant: