Hello from Holland



Hello people from arround the world.

After some years i picked up the airbrush again. 18 years ago i tried my best to get some skils with the brush, but it didn't work out the way i wanted.
Then some months ago, i was handed an old Kawasaki Z650 with a lot of rust on it and since that time i realy enjoy it again with the help of youtube and sites like these.
After using the devilbiss sprite, I bought myself a Harder and Steinbeck Infinity which turns out to be the best buy i could do.
The Kawasaki is almost done and my skills improve everyday.
It's nice to see people with the same interest sharing their skills and willing to help people with their problems, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

Grtnx, Ton

Perfection is many small things done well


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Wow , Amazing work and welcome home.
Look forward to seeing more of your work.
Lol, nothing like an 18 year break to get your mind rite!! Maybe I should try that, those look great!! Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing more!

Hi from the uk, glad you picked up the brush again, and glad you picked this forum, you won't regret it!
Hi from germany and welcome to the forum. Your artworks really look good :)
Thank you all feeling home allready.

Grtnx, Ton

Perfection is many small things done well
Welcome aboard friend from the uk,glad to see you have picked up the AB again. I used to have a Kawasaki Z650 back in the day, great bike:)