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Well, not exactly Houston but just outside there. I am brand new to airbrushing and am trying to learn. The learning curve is rather steep for someone who can't draw a straight line but I"m working on it. I am here to learn as much as I can and to get help,tips and tricks so that I might learn faster. I"m a teacher down here of Jr. High students, newly single again and have been scroll sawing for a little over a year. Airbrushing will, I believe, help me accomplish my goals as a painter too.
Welcome home C. Powell outside Houston is a large area LMAO,, You have Katy , Humble and I forget the rest been to many years since I was stationed around that area , Now El Paso I still remember well LOL

nice to add you to the family and you have found the best place on the net to learn ..
Welcome to the forum from NH

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welcome to the family!! you will learn a lot here and it will absolutely help you accomplish those goals!! enjoy!
Hi from the uk, you took a giant leap toward reaching your goal, just by joining the forum. A whole world of help, advice, and tips, plus all the support and encouragement you need.
Welcome CPP, not only will you receive great advice from the members here but I guarantee you will be inspired as well.