Hello from Hull



Hi I'm Phil,
I'm a disabled ex serviceman with no airbrushing experience at all other than basic aircraft panel painting.

For years I've painted warhammer armies and other figures for people and myself and recently bought myself an A186 compressor with receiver to try something different. I would love to do a course on the basics but haven't a clue what when where etc, plus money is tight. Any help and guidance would be well received.

I'm using it on models at the minute but want to do my own pictures long term. Would also like to meet like minded artists to pick brains get inspired and generally shoot the breeze over coffee possibly. I have a lot of time on my hands these days and would like to do something with it when I can
Welcome to the forum sir! Ton of like artists here willing to share and help out. If you have any questions at all, try the search bar first, it will bring up any thread with like words in your question and if that doesn't help, don't hesitate to ask! Jump in and have fun :)

Hey Phil, welcome to the forum. I think you'll love ABing, and soon get addicted to it, and this site Lol!
hey phil welcome.....try the practice sheets that airbrush tutor has designed they are a great exercise to get you used to the brush and start teaching yourself some control start with dots and daggers then move on ti the eye tutorial...enjoy your times and post up your progress!
Hi Phil, welcome aboard from Calgary. Hull as in Quebec? If so, I was born there a few years ago LOL Am too was a serviceman but now retired. I started airbrushing about a year and a half ago and I'm loving every minute of it. You'll find this forum an excellent source of information and the group here are down to earth and love to assist and help people in any way they can. There's a lot of good information on youtube but you should also check Mitch's site here. I've learned an awful lot from him and his videos.
Hi I'm Phil,
I'm a disabled ex serviceman with no airbrushing experience at all other than basic aircraft panel painting.

Welcome home, First time I have ever welcomed a dead vet,, Most vets refer to themselves as Disabled Vet. Why am I so hard on this matter I too am a disabled vet serving from the 70's til the 90's and it really hits a sour note with me when a fellow serviceman refers to themselves as ex. ... A term that really makes me wonder
Sorry for the rant But that is just the love for my country and fellow service men and women coming out.

As far as were to begin click on the airbrush tutor tab at the top of the page and get started with dots , dagger strokes and practice them till you feel your finger fall off and start over again...LOL
But Mitch aka Airbrush tutor has a really nice video for the beginner.