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IMG_20220409_190903-min.jpg 8347661edda2e48da55e8881eab44262__01.jpg Hi everyone, really newbie airbrush artist here! And looking for some advice! I found this page via the airbrushtutor YouTube channel.

I used an airbrush for the first time ever yesterday using a projector, unfinished result and reference image below... It's a blend of airbrush and paintbrush for the finer details...

So far I love using the airbrush and have become super interested in getting to know how to use it.

Are the tutorials that were featured in the YouTube channels available... I would like to see the monochrome portraits one...

Also I would like to know how the to create a reference image outline that's not using the photo because at the moment I'm just projecting the photo so it can be hard to follow at times...

Obviously I'm super new and have so much to learn, thanks so much in advance.
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Mitch is no longer making the videos or a part of the forum. Life became life and he has gone a different direction.
But there are a ton of artist out there who give awesome advise. you can find them https://www.airbrushforum.org/threads/recommended-viewing-youtube-and-beyond.24384/
Image transfer mainly comes down to what works best for you. Carbon paper and transfer in what you want or projector and some use a circuit cutter and make a stencil Or if you watch Gerald Mendez he uses a print out and cuts his layout and uses it to build his art work.. It really depend on what the best fits the project you working on.

What airbrush are you using and what paints ?

Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for your reply Mr.Micron, I'll check out that post and be sure to read up more on image transfer...

What I want to do is make an acrylic pour on canvas and then put a monochrome portrait on top... So I think a projector is probably the only way I can go...

I've used a projector to project the photo onto the canvas but I'm wondering if there is software that I can use to make a guideline the type that is used in the Cameron tutorial.

Thanks again
Mainly Mitch just trace the outline of the image , Much like the old coloring books you have the outline of a picture and it is up to you to fill in the blank areas.

This is the airbrush I'm using... Didn't really know anything about airbrushes when I bought it... And I'm currently just using acrylic mixed with water
I would switch out compressor mainly due to that one really doesn't hold a constant pressure. When you pull the the trigger the air pressure drops a lot making it harder to really learn good control. I do understand budgets and noise . But you have to run thinner paint using the studio type compressors.

As far as the airbrush it is one of the better knock offs and should do you well.
Thanks so much again... Yeah I thought I noticed the pressure yesterday...

It's pretty early days for me so I might have to wait a while before upgrading anything
Thanks so much again... Yeah I thought I noticed the pressure yesterday...

It's pretty early days for me so I might have to wait a while before upgrading anything
I understand that we all started out with baby steps until we found out if airbrushing was for us or not. But just keep in mind if the paint is not flowing the way you think it should reduce it a little at a time.