Hello from Jersey



Hi, i'm extremely new to airbrushing but very intrigued by it. I have a cheap kit in the post at the moment and looking forward to learning as much as I can.

My interest comes from doing tattoo art really, I enjoy drawing flash art and I thought how cool it would be to do it on a large scale on bike tanks and car bonnets etc.

Looking into a course I can take in the UK to start me off if anybody has any recommendations?

hi mate....don't be to eager for tuition right away...teach yourself the basics by following practice sheets on here and doing a few artworks on paper, canvas, then progress to metal, after that think about tuition....you have just missed marrissa oosterlee but she will be back in spring, she its awesome!....one if our new members sam hubbard I believe does a bit of tuition and does some killer work on bikes, welcome to the forum anyhow buddy and look forward to seeing your work,
Welcome home , Post up some of your flash and just like doing a tat you have to learn to crawl before you walk. But I am sure you will pick it up fast.
Welcome in my friend, great place to learn everything about AB'ing...no not great...the best place:)
Thanks everyone.

Sounds like good advice not seeking tuition to early on, I'll definitely try to find my feet before i do that

some of my flash stuff is here on my tumblr bradleyoconnor.tumblr.com/