Hello from Kansas City


Glen Hunter

New to the forum but not to airbrushing. Have done some form of airbrushing (ink, acrylic, urethanes) for over 25 years. I think this is a great site, full of good information for anyone wanting to learn about airbrushing or discuss new ideas. I'm always looking for tips to improve your level of work...everybody can always improve no matter how skilled you think you are, right? So, glad to be here and looking forward to talking with some of you.
suuup glen hunter! welcome to the forum from tennessee! you have hit the nail on the head with your thought on the forum. great place and great people!! hope to learn from you as well!!
Welcome aboard and enjoy yourself here with all the good folk.
And remember if you get lost or stuck, just click your heals together three times and say. "There's no place like the airbrush forum.org...there's no place like the airbrush forum.org"..sorry couldn't resist, Kansas and Dorothy and all that!!;)