Hello from Langley B.C.



Sup guys thought i would just drop a post and say Hi. I just started airbrushing about a month ago, after buying an iwata starter kit. I'm finding it hard but love it, i cant draw to well witch i hope is not a problem. Here in langley were i live we have a HUGE car show every year one of the biggest in North America 1500-1700 cars/trucks after seeing all of the crazy airbrush work on all these awesome rides i hope one day i can be as good as some of these artists....
Welcome, Tracing, projecting and any other way to get the image on the panel you are painting is all just tools of the trade.
But start with the basics first DOTS and Dagger strokes, fades and blends. No matter what you are painting as far as subject matter you will need these basic skills to give it life,.

You have came to a great place to learn and make sure to check out Mitch;s tutor vids.
R3, welcome to the forum!!! Airbrushing is a fickle art form and it requires ALOT of trial and error. It's extremely versatile because you can paint on anything. Frustration will get to you because you have so many variables with which airbrush, paint, surface, compressor, prep work, etc. Many experience forum members will help anytime you have questions. Mr Micron and Ran have helped me very much along the way. Mitch has AWSOME videos to get your understanding and techniques under control. Have fun with it and enjoy the journey. Best site for that is this one. Glad to have you here.
Welcome from Northern Michigan! Can't draw very well myself, but these guys have a ton of great tips and techniques which make it so much easier, so don't stress. Practice the basics, dots, daggers, etc... every day (if you've got the time), and while you're doing that, paint some pictures too. Challenge yourself, and post pics in the Works in Progress thread so the more experienced painters can give you some tips and feedback as you go along, and you will see marked improvement in no time. Just keep laying the paint down.
Hello and welcome aboard. I also can´t draw at all, but as Micron mentioned you have lots of helping tools to get the information on the canvas or wherever you paint on.
Welcome if you really want to learn this is the place. They have helped me alot and they will help you too :)