Hello from Liverpool, U.K And no, I don't know any of the Beatles...


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Hello peeps!

I'm a newbie to airbrushing, keen to learn and full of questions. :p
My background is in fine art where I scrape a living as an oil painter. Using a hairy stick I paint very slowly and minutely on large aluminium panels. My last large scale painting took two years to complete. I like to think I've developed patience. :laugh:

I've been practicing dots for 2 weeks and have now moved on to barbells/dumb bells. I'm hoping to get good enough with the airbrush to be able to block in large areas of my painting with it, establish values etc. before finishing off with a brush. People often think I use an airbrush because my paintings are so smooth. It's taken me some time to realise that maybe an airbrush can do the job quicker. So here I am on a journey...

I started a few weeks ago with an Aztek a4709 but had quite a lot of difficulty controlling the paint flow with the trigger at lower rates. After reading around I invested in an Iwata Eclipse and found this to be much better for me in terms of how it felt to hold and it's trigger action. I've been falling slowly in love with it since it came through my letterbox a week or so ago.

I'm fairly well versed in colour theory and such like, especially the Munsell system so feel free to ask me about that and I'll do my best to help.

My website: http://www.naivejohn.com/
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Welcome to the most beautiful and only real airbrush forum. Wish you a lot of reading pleasure here. If you have any questions, feel comfortable and there are many who want to help you;)


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Welcome to the Madhouse ,Better known as the Orange Airbrush Forum (Till You've Been here awhile :D) If you have any questions feel free to ask and Everybody will Try and get you Headed in the right Direction, A lot of questions have been asked before so you may find your answer using the search Button.Enjoy your stay and hope to see more of your art:thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Welcome aboard from down south. Every Liver bird knows the Beatles right? And you all live in the Cavern and, sing about public transport on the Mersey too lol lol lol. I'm guessing you get asked that a lot.;)

You made a great choice with the eclipse, its a great brush. With practise you can get some really fine detail out of it, even though its not specifically a detail brush, and in airbrushing terms its as tough as old boots.

Later if you are in to detail stuff you may want to add a micron, they are ridiculous - though also ridiculously expensive. I have both eclipse and micron, IMO they are the perfect combo- though we all have our faves.

Lots of friendly, helpful, talent around here, so don't be shy in asking anything. With your background I'm sure once you have the fundamentals, you'll be away, and your knowledge will be very welcome.


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Welcome to the forum. With you background im sure you will pick up this airbrush lark pretty quick.



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Welcome from quite possibly the most southern location on the Forum, New Zealand! Might be some a little further south but not many!


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Welcome from Australia

I think you are going to make good use of the airbrush once you learn its idiosyncrasies. It will suit your style wonderfully.


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Welcome! Oddly enough, when I think of Liverpool the Beatles are not the first thing to come to mind...