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Rick Daly

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Hi all, I'm Rick.
I am a Scenic Artist for film and television with USA829 and I started airbrushing in 1995 at age 19.

My local art store was Pearl Paint in East Meadow, NY. I would always buy the latest issue of AIR magazine that I saw displayed. I learned how to airbrush by studying AIR magazine and watching a few of the VHS instructional videos that were sold in the back of the magazine. It's wild how much instruction is accessible via Youtube now! I painted in my moms garage, and my 1st airbrush was the Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS siphon feed, I still have it. I used a Craftsman air compressor with a 2 gallon tank.

Lately, I like to airbrush T-Shirts and Trucker Hats. I especially like graffiti, and I utilize the airbrush to paint All City Style trains.

-2 Iwata Revolution, gravity feed
-1 Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS, siphon feed

I would like to purchase more siphon feed brushes so I can produce shirt designs faster, and I would like to purchase an Iwata HP-CS siphon feed brush for illustration and detail purposes.

California Air, 1 gallon tank, aluminum

I look forward to following the threads here and networking with others who are as passionate about airbrushing as I am.
Welcome to the asylum Rick, grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the ride.
Glad to have you aboard.

Welcome aboard Rick, don't be shy and make sure you post up some of your works :)