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Hi everybody,

I subscribed to this forum in hope to find a good exchange with other members. I live in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in Europe. I'm 47, married, two girls, professional locomotive engineer, addicted Harley Davidson Fat Bob rider and a passionate hobby photographer and iPhoneographer. I'm not inexperienced with airbrushes because I used to build plastic models some years ago but now I want to get deeper into it because I want to do some custom paint jobs on my bike myself. My actual equipment is a Badger 150, a Badger 200 and a Paasche Model V but my compressor needs to be replaced so I'm now looking for a better one. My current project is to repaint my motorbike helmet in a new design. Any advice regarding compressors would be greatly appreciated.

Happy brushing ;)
Hi there and welcome to the forum :) . It all depends how much you wanna spend and if you also wanna use a spray gun on it to clearcoat. If you need a silent one to airbrush in the house then i would go
for a Sil Air from Werther, or a Euro Tec, they are all using a refrigerator aggregate so they are really silent. But they also cost abit more then the other small airbrush compressors. If you dont have to paint
inside and noise is no issue just get a big compressor from a shop like you use for a tools in a garage. They are pretty cheap and deliver lots of air and you can also use a smaller spray gun on those. You just
have to attach a moisture trap on them to make sure no oil or water will get into the brush and on your paintings.
Hello and welcome home. I will let the fellows on your side of the pond help on where and what to buy being price difference and such.
Welcome Quaffit - I think you're the first i've seen on here from Luxembourg! welcome:) Check out 'Bambi' compressors in your area.. they won't be suited to a spray gun, but great quality airbrush compressors..
Welcome from florida!!! So much to learn about ABing and your in the right place. Experts in many different fields as well as airbrushing. The talent on here is endless as well as the humor and global input. Friendly and I hope that you enjoy your experience. I haven't found a better forum.
Welcome from Tennessee! Sounds like everyone has your question squared away. You will love the forum, lots to learn!! Look forward to seeing some work ;)

Hi Quaffit welcome from Calgary. I'm in the same boat as you. I ride a Road King and I've been airbrushing just over a year. My intentions are to paint and airbrush motorcycles and anything people will let me paint on :fat: I registered to an automotive primers and topcoat course starting tomorrow. I'm really looking for to this.
Stranger375;28413 If you need a silent one to airbrush in the house then i would go for a Sil Air from Werther said:
Hi Andreas,

I'm sorry for taking so much time to get back on you but there was a reason for it. Thanks a lot for the tip about Werther compressors. I checked their website and found that their prices are incredibly high - 700-1100€ price range, wow, that's a lot! So I decided to build my own compressor from an old fridge motor that I still had laying around here at home, plus an air container that once was part of the breaking system of an old locomotive. I saved it from the junk container at our railroad yard already years ago. Because I (still) have no welding machine at home I decided to build the compressor with a beer case from a little brewery that went bankrupt also years ago. I put it all together, and here's the result - Ha! Now there should be a link to my video here but then I get that silly message I am not allowed to post links, video and images until I have posted a few times. What's that sh*t good for? Dear Admin, I'm sorry but I have no understanding for that. Do you want people to participate in discussions and share experiences or not? This really upsets and disappoints me :apologetic:.

So let's keep that compressor video for a later time, whatever is meant with "until you post a few times". How many times are "a few times"? 3? 5? 15? :confused-new:

The pressure switch is non-adjustable. It switches the motor off at 9bars or 130psi and switches it back on again at 6.3bars or 90psi. Building that compressor wasn't complicated at all. It only took much more of my time than I thought because there was a lot of body work to do on the motor and the air container which had both been rusty. The video opens with a trailer but then the functioning of the compressor is explained and on the end of the clip you can see some photos I took while I worked on it. The clip was made with the iMovie iPad app.

Now I'm ready to brush anything. First project will be to brush both of my motorbike helmets but I think I can't get started with it before Monday because I've got to work during the weekend.

The whole compressor project costs me less than 200€, painting materials included, so I saved at least 500€ on a Werther compressor. And it's possible to build it even cheaper. If you buy a simple garage compressor with a 24L air container all you need to change is the motor. Throw that cheap and noisy motor off and fit it with a recycled refrigerator motor and you get a super silent compressor for little money. You'll need to change the hose connectors too indeed but such parts are also cheap.


Gaston ;)
Great you were able to build up your own compressor :) , i also wanted to do that when i get a old fridge compressor. But then i seen a Silent Compressor for 270€ on ebay and ordered it, and im very happy with it.
Its like the smaller SilAir and Werther models that only have the 1.5L tank, but it still works great. Oh and the reason that you need 5 posts i think to be able to copy links here is just because of the spammers that
would come to the forum to post their advertisements, or the spambots.
Hope to see your helmets here in the forum when you are done with them.