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Hi there. we were at Kustom Kulture Blast off today and had a really good chat about the air brushing after Theon tried his hand at it. Hes now hoping santa will bring him a set up! He already loves all kinda art and really really enjoyed having a go. Thanks so much for taking time with him. Hes chatted about it since we left you. I believe he may be your youngest member at 7(8 on Tuesday). Heres hoping by the time hes older he will be a pro. Cheers. Hevs( Theons mum).:fat:
Hi Theon's Mum,
Great that your son loved trying out airbrushing. Like you said if he starts now he will be brilliant by the time he's 12yr :)
cheers Mel
Hi Theon's Mum, and welcome to the forum to both of you, I think he will be the youngest member :) My neice is a little older at almost 10 and she loves to AB too, but she is not a member..Yet! We're all here to help so if Theon gets stuck or you need some info just post your questions up. Welcome again.

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Hi Hevs and Theon, wish I'd started that young, I might be able to do it by now if I had lol. Hope you'll be learning alongside him.
Hey theons mum!!!!! Brilliant so great to have you on board.... it was me that was talking to you and your beautiful family today..... so glad theon enjoyed himself. ... he's a great little guy. ... if I can be of any help just let me know if you have any general questions just post them up and as I said earlier someone will be right along to answer. .... didn't ask you today but where bouts are you based in UK..... if your anywhere close I'd love to help getting theon up and running.... just with stuff like we where talking about. ... brush strip downs. .. cleaning. .. getting paint flowing etc.... it would be great fun and great experience for myself also. ... happy to help. .. peace and love to you all. .... Adam
A big welcome aboard to our youngest member Theon and mum Hevs!
As ads has said just ask away and we will help and guide as much as poss, really good to see someone so young and keen to want to Airbrush , it was a pleasure to meet you all.
As soon as Santa gets his act together and sorts Theon out with a sweet AB, we want to see his first work then we can help him along, enjoy the forum and keep spreading the love:)
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Hi guys. Thanks for the warm welcome both here and from you, Ads, on sunday. We have been busy as it was Theons birthday on tuesday- I wondered if he thought he might get a set up then but fortunatly he didnt seem too worried with all the lego! He did get a tattoo sketch book to indulge his artistic side though. Im going to spend some time having a nose round to try and get to know stuff for a bit but Im pretty sure I'll have lots of questions on his behalf. He decided on his user name(he is a big transformers fan- did ya guess) and may come on himself at times too. You'll know its him cos his spelling is better than mine! I think the set up that Ads advised was a Neo?!? so will have a peek and see what you guys think of them. Hi again. And thanks again too. I look forward to showing you how the little dude gets on.
That's right! It was the iwata neo.... is about the cheapest branded brush you can get.... there are some called veda which is a Chinese knock off... although some people have had reasonable vedas for like 25 quid I wouldn't recommend it necessarily add you can get duff ones.... although not the best brush you can buy. .. the neo will at least be reliable and you can get parts for it if required.... normally I wouldn't recommend the cheapy eBay compressors as they are a bit " pulsey" but I understand early days you do not want to spend out to much so starting up it will be fine for theons needs. ... check eBay fit 2nd hand stuff and audio keep your eye on russ allens facebook "airbrush swap shop" page add people are airways putting stuff on there.... if SANTA needs a little info nearer the time tell him to come in here and tell us his budget and I'm sure we could finda pretty cheap setup for him to deliver to theon. .. one again lovely to meet you. .. all the best to you and your family