Hello from Melbourne Australia



Hey everyone, joined the forum recently as I decided to pick up the airbrush again after many years.
I did a beginners course when I was about 16 and haven't touched it since then but found myself with a bit of spare time lately. I've posted a couple of things I've done over the last few days in the w.i.p section but thought I would give a formal "g'day" lol
Looking forward to soak up as much knowledge as possible from everyone o here :)
welcome mate..... im sure you will settle in just great here, loads of knowledgeable folk to sponge off and also share with tricks that you may of learned yourself. i,ll check out your wips in a sec
Welcome from Florida hope you like it here

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welcome from the uk my friend, good to have you onboard, dive in, get ya feet wet and show us ya stuff(paintings that is):)
A welcome from the UK.

Quite alot of useful information here......and quite alot of thread jacking :)
From Mississippi: