hello from mexico



Start of curiosity and always drawn and caught my atension this technique, I hope to be good at this, look at many places and pages but this is the best tutorial and the best forum.
sorry for my bad English.:chuncky:
Hey I'm new here too nice to meet you, I hope to learn heaps here also! ;-)

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Hola y bienvenido a casa, You have found a great place to learn. Do not worry about the english we have people from all over the world here .
hi abraham!!!! welconme to the forum my friend... have you got equipment all ready or are you just thinking of starting?
I have everything ready but funsiona compressor is very well armed and was economical, airbrush, watercolor painting easel myself if someone wants to manufacture planes are Congusto get them,
I have a month to finish this and practices leopard, cameron, I will create a skull Mexican, Greetings to all, I will put a photo later
hello thank you all for your welcome, greetings are in contact
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Hi Abraham,

Welcome from the UK. I'm also a newbie to both the forum and airbrushing. Hope we both improve through this forum.

Bienvenido compañero!!! No te preocupes por el inglés. Yo lo hablo peor y todavía no me han echado de aquí... XD

Welcome mate! Don't worry about english. I speak worse and I have not been kicked out of here yet ... XD
Hi abraham, from the uk. I was lucky enough to visit your beautiful country last year, so much inspiration for art from the different cultures. I like the sugar skulls, and hope you paint one of those.
bienvenido Abraham! You're not the only person here who has english as a second language.. this is a worldwide forum! a big warm welcome my friend! if there's anything we can help you with, please let us know!