Hello from Mexico



Hi everyone! I just got here, looking for some advices and wisdom as well as helping others with my experience. I've been living in Mexico for 20 years and started to paint about 10 years ago. I work in a motorbike business and one of the things we do is customized paint jobs. Looking forward to learn new things as well as being of help for others that are starting with the airbrush. Cheers, Eva:tears_of_joy:
hey diva... great to have you on board... can not wait to see some of your work... with so much experience you must be producing some great stuff!!.
anyhow.. welcome from the uk
Welcome to the forum Eva, looking forward to seeing some of your work and hope you can help others with your experience.

Thank you for the welcoming guys! I'm new here and learning how to get around. As soon as I can I will post some of my work......how do I change my profile pic?? I haven't been able to....:confused:
Hola Eva and welcome home. You have found the best place to learn and hang out at. Nice to add you to the family..
Hello and welcome from the US...look at the very top right side of the home page and you will se "my profile" and "settings" "log out" ect. you can make changes there.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place homes as i do!!!:triumphant: