Hello from Montreal(Quebec)



Hi, I am new here learning to use my airbrush it's a Veda DW180 and I also have an old single action Paashe type H I bought a long long time a go. lol. So I am interested in abstract art more then Illustrations or other type of art. For me this is therapeutic as I am from the computer programming industry I spend way way way too much time in front of my computer if I am not programming I am playing world of warcraft. So I have to stop this nonsense and find a more productive and mentally healthier hobby :). I had my Paashe for a long time but almost never used it as I have had no aircompressor for the longest time, I used it to do paint touchup on my motorcycle and to paint my RC airplane that never too to the air ended up in the trash some 20 years after as yet en other project I never finished. So 3 years ago having forgotten I had a airbrush I bought a small air compressor to fix my furniture and remove the dust from computer I had to clean very useful. So well I am a single mom and my daughter found a canvas in a garbage that was only painted pale blue she wanted to keep it and we did it was clean so I did not see any problem. she did me a very nice painting on it and so I encouraged her to do more, I was watching videos with her on youtube to help her learn technics (you can learn so much stuff now days on youtube). but I ended up viewing videos on airbrushing and I remembered my old airbrush I tried to use it but its well a single action and I found that it lacks control, its nice for using mask or stencils but free-handing I did not like so much! I know the double action where out of my tiny budget so I looked on the web for used ones but they where still too expensive on till I found a site that talk about the chinese ones and that how for the price you pay you got a good airbrush to start with or in my case for a stay at home mom unemployed computer geek it was just perfect. So I got my self a copy of a iwata micron C+ that I got for 33$. So here I am now learning some thing new at 41.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

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here are the two painting I made, quite amateurish I know lol. IMG_0600_5x8.JPGIMG_0640_5x7.JPG
Welcome from Quebec city, to a fellow programmer :), I just started also (in January) sopped playing video games completely to make time for airbrushing. You will find plenty of people on the forum to help you with any questions you might have. You will also find lots of tutorials and tips and tricks, enjoy :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Hi nissaba, from the uk! I started airbrushing late too, and my only regret was that I didn't do it sooner, hope you have as much fun as I do!
hey welcome from the uk.... i regret to inform you though... if you think airbrushing is going to lure you away from your computer then you sir have just failed on an epic scale....heheheh
i think pretty much all of us here, when not painting are on here talking about painting.... when we are not on here talking about it, we bore our family by talking about it etc etc..... good luck on your quest !

on a serious note, if you need any help just ask,generally somebody somewhere has the answer