Hello from New Zealand!



Hi everyone... just discovered this forum! It looks like a bit of fun :)

Some of you may know me from other forums (I have a nasty internet addiction) I have been airbrushing a couple of years and learning more every day... I love learning and love sharing what I know as well! I really enjoy mixed media (using texture gels and my airbrush together... yay!) but unfortunately I have been a bit busy to do any painting lately... hoping I will have more time coming up soon!

I look forward to getting to know you all :) :)
Welcome wiki!!!!! Enjoy the forum and show us some of your work when you can. I'm interested to see how you use the textured gel. I was going to try some putty for texture, such as maybe for a nose on a dog portrait or something to give it a 3d look but haven't tried it yet. Have fun!
Kia Ora Wiki, welcome to the forum from the U.K.
:cheerful: Hello Wiki!!! I think that is a welcome hug icon... Haha! I hope so!
Kia Ora Wiki ! i wanted to move out to nz about 5 years back, still on my mind heavy. hows the airbrush scene in NZ ? is it big ? good to meet u !
Hi Wiki welcome on board i like to see some texture gell paintings from you i think it is awesome to mix it with airbrushing.