Hello from Norfolk!

Hi I'm Terry

I used to use an Aerograph 63A for graphics and retouching in the 1980s. Then Photoshop came along and it was consigned to the cupboard under the stairs.
In recent years I've turned my hand to scale modelling, and naturally wondered if the old 63 was suitable for airbrushing models with enamels etc. It was soon apparent that it wasn't! So the old aero went back to its resting place under the stairs and I bought an Iwata HB BS, which I've been happy with ever since.

It was only last week that I thought of dragging ithe 63 out of retirement, especially now that we a have good choice of quality airbrush paints, such as Vallejo Model Air. After a bit of TLC and lots of cleaner, the old girl works like new, and quite happily squirts the new paints through its ultra-fine nozzle. So maybe it could still be useful.
The only thing is, there's an annoying click when pressing down on the trigger. half-way. I've no idea what's causing it (perhaps it was always there?). Could this be adjusted without stripping it down I wonder? That's the last thing I want to do now that I've got it working.

So if there are any Aerograph experts left out there....
Hi Terry,
Welcome to the forum!
Now, here is my professional opinion about your Aerograph 63A...it's a gonner, please let me know when the auction will belol Just kidding of course.😬😁

I hope you're able to find out about troubleshooting your Aerograph, this information will also be helpful for me in the future since I have started to collect them. I don't plan to use them that much since parts are hard to come by...plus they just look so great! Anyway, have a nice night and thank you for sharing your experience with your airbrush, and paints with us! 🙏☺️ -Lisa