Hello from northern Minnesota!



Hi everyone! I'm Steve from northern Minnesota. I got into airbrushing in 1997 while attending trade school in Detroit Lakes MN for sign lettering and design. I was actively airbrushing for a couple years and then kinda put it on hold due to lifes different curveballs. Now that I live in my own house with room to work I've recently started again.. I had a badger anthem 155 from some years ago, I purchased a veda 180 last year and just last week bought an Iwata HP-C plus. I have realized now that I need to start at square 1again to get to where I was before. I made the mistake of trying a portrait that left me humbled to say the least. I am excited about all the information on this site and can't wait to create something.g beautiful again. Thank you Airbrush Tutor!
Welcome home Steve. jump on in and pull up a chair we all on here love to help and share.
Welcome about from Northern Michigan! Lay some paint and it will all start coming back quickly.
Welcome to the forum Steve!! Are you a Viking fan from Minnesota? If so you will be alright in my book!! Haaaaaaa!! J/K Any one here is already alright in my book!! Hop in and join the fun and I will warn you like I have some of the others, this forum can get pretty addictive!! Haaaaa!! Looking forward to seeing your art work!
Not really a sports fan at all. lol. Unless you consider hunting a sport. It's nice to have a place to ask questions. Thanks for the welcomes!
Hi and welcome aboard Steve. Im pretty sure you will get the hang of it very quickly again.
Welcome to the family!!! Your not that guy from the new Volkswagen commercial are ya??? The one who talks like he is Jamaican, lmao!!!
"Da land of a Tow-Zand wakes :D :D

Welcome home Steve. jump on in and pull up a chair we all on here love to help and share.
you little poet herb!!!

welcome steve glad to have you on board, im sure you will settle back in to the swing of things in no time. if you need any help then just ask