Hello from Northwest Washington State



My name is Adrian * Lucky_Freek *
I picked up an airbrush about year or so ago and I fell in love with the art.
I'm hoping to learn a lot from everybody here.

I wanted to give a thanks to Seamonkey for telling me about the forum.
What part of Washington. In from the Bremerton/Silverdale Area

Welcome buddy!! Bout time!! Glad you showed up, start asking questions and posting some work, you will get more answers that you can handle sometimes but it's great advise from all the fine ladies and gentlemen!!

Welcome lucky!!! It's a good site and I'm sure you will fit right in. Love to see your work and don't be afraid to give advice or to ask. Great bunch and glad to have you on the site
Welcome. Even though ive only been posting for a week or so ive been lurking around for better then a month. Seems like a real good place to learn!