Hello from Norway.


Heia Hjallis

I have been airbrushing on and off since the '70s. Mostly as a hobby for myself.
Started airbrushing before the internet was invented, so I've learned a lot of things the hard way....
I have been airbrushing more and more on illustration boards lately, and I use mostly Holbein Aeroflash and some Wicked on paper.
I have a lot of airbrushes, but I usually end up using my Holbein and Mojo airbrushes.

I uploaded some work in my album.
Heia, great to have you here and welcome to a wonderful forum. Have not seen your work yet but I am sure you will be able to teach us some great techniques. Enjoy the best site, best people from all over the world.
Hi Heia, I'm from Australia, I will check out some of your work! I'm new here also! ;-)

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Thanks everyone. Seems I have to make some posts before I can attach any images.
HI Heia, and welcome. I've seen you work from the other forums and will be a valuable asset to the forum.