Hello from Ohio



I stopped in to say hello to everyone and thanks to the Airbrush Tutor for the forum and videos on youtube. Well my name is Mike I'm 34 and very new to AB, my fist AB was a kit from TCP. Airbrush is junk (Master G44) but my loving wife let me buy the Bager Renegade Xtreme set. My intrest falls with in photo realism, I thank Dru blair, Aaron Lakey, Hubert de Lartigue and many others for that. Also want to give a hello to Mr. Seamonkey (aka seamoney on youtube) and thanks for the videos. Watching someone produce great work is a kick in the paints to keep practicing.

Total AB time is about 3 weeks now that I have great AB's.
Welcome Home Mike, I can almost say neighbor being I live in Indiana.
You have found the greatest site to hang , learn, teach,and just have fun..
I have learned a lot from here already and thanks for the warm welcome.
Great... another Buckeye fan... lol. Welcome aboard from Northern Michigan! Lots to learn here, just jump right in...... oh, and GO BLUE!
Welcome to the family buddy!! What's your name on YouTube and where in Ohio are you from? I'm originally from southern Ohio!!

Youtube channel is the same and I'm born and raised in Middletown.
Middletown sounds really familiar??????? I'm originally from the Wilmington area, Hillsboro to be exact. Y'all have the motorcross track up there don't ya?

No not anymore, there is a huge BMX track in Hamilton. I think the closest track is Dayton or Haspen in Indy
Hey neighbor...I am down the road in Liberty twp. Glad to see a local on here.