Hello from Ontario Canada!


Young Tutorling
Hello! My name is Chris and I have been playing around with airbrushing for about 2 years off and on. This is truly an addictive art form. I suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition syndrome). I currently have an iwata HP-B Plus, Badger velocity, spirit and rage and Badger Patriot 105. I recently purchased a Paasche D3000 silent compressor so I can practice inside and not disturb anyone.I have also purchased Daniel Powers level 1 and 2 airbrushing dvd's. Both are very good dvd's. I spend a lot of time practicing dots, lines and dagger strokes. I am looking forward to the tutorials and tips from this forum and to learn from every ones experiences. Take care for now
Great to hear from you topmechanic! I get GAS from time to time aswell but it's probably different to what you're talking about;)
I hope we can help you with anything you need here at the forum - i'd love to see some pictures of artworks you've done after the powers series =)