Hello from Oregon



Hello from Oregon! Im green to airbrushing but have been in the printing industry for 10yrs now so I am very versed in color theory and color builds. However I have no airbrushing experience I bought a cheap .35 airbrush and some creatext airbrush color paint. I didn't realize it was textile until I unwrapped the set. I've been experiencing some nasty tip dry. So after I kill those bottles I plan on moving to wicked. Question. On createx website it says AA and Wicked are inter-mixable Does that mean I could use them both on one project? example: spray detail wicked white and candy with AA?

Welcome Home Rich.
To answer your question Yes you can use both Wicked and AutoAir together and even mix the two.
I'm new here also. A great group. I have been printing for the last 30 years and knowing color helps alot
welcome from honduras,hope that you can call this place home like i do!!!