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Hello everyone, im glad to have found this community. I am using my father-in-law's no name double action siphon feed airbrush, and am still trying to learn the basics. However i was wondering what would be my best first purchase, an airbrush or more paints? For an airbrush i am going to buy a Badger Renegade Spirit (i like being able to see all the way down the top), and for paints i am using Createx paints, however at the moment all i have are: Red, Blue, Green, White, and Black all in opaque consistency. Should i buy some transparent colors before a new airbrush or is the actual airbrush so important that its a high priority purchase? Also can you suggest a low noise compressor with a tank? i live in an apartment so having it run the whole time i paint just wont work.

Check out the "Beginners Airbrush Questions" there's a "sticky" second from the top. It's a video that will answer a few questions for you.
Hi magic, welcome from the uk. I know it's a lot to spend at once, but I think you kind of need to invest in both. No one ever regrets spending on a decent airbrush, as life becomes way less frustrating and learning becomes easier with decent equipment. You basically get what you pay for when getting a brush so a good brand is a must. I'm not familiar with the renegade but I'm sure it will serve you well being a badger. Using the wrong paint can also cause endless frustration. The kind of paint you want depends on the kind of painting you want to do. For example the create paint you are using now is generally used for textiles, and is usually used through larger nozzled guns .5 and above, at much higher air pressures. Although with reduction they can be used for other things it can become fiddly. I paint on motorcycles, but also like to dabble in other areas, so I prefer Wicked paints (same company as createx so all additives are compatable) as they are very versatile, but do benefit from being filtered. People who like to do portraits, or fine art for example prefer illustration paints, E'tac, Com art or others. Some just doing automotive may prefer Auto Air. Trident and Golden paints are also popular. Availabilty local to you might be worth thinking about when making your choice. I usually recommend buying an opaque black, and white, and transparent primary colours. This is pretty much all I ever use, and can mix almost everything I need from this. As transparents are designed to intensify the more layers you add red will start off looking pink until the colour is built up, so you may want to consider an opaque red too, although this will cover up any detail in the layer below.
thanks everyone and i havent explored this forum too much so i didnt really find the sticky that was suggested, im sure i will though. Also to answer another question its Portland, Oregon
yup agree with squishler.... createx through the spirit will cause you enough troubles.... a good beginner paint is spectratex by badger, or wicked by createx but this needs a fair bit of reduction or some slightly higher pressure to flow consistantly.... a great transparent paint is etac efx flows nicely great colours but a little pricey maybe... you will find what works for you anyhow.

welcome from the uk
thanks i was planning to use Wicked in the future and as a student in auto body paint im comfortable reducing so ill probably stick with that also i can get it locally. once i get to the point where i start doing work ill invest in some other brands colors, but while im learning i want to keep it simple so ill probably do as Squishy suggested and pick up primary colors in transparent and go to town i have alot of practice ahead of me. ill probably continue using my father-in-laws no name brush until i can get the cash up for the spirit
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place homes as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hello and welcome from PA, I must have missed your beginning post so I apologize. As for the renegade spirit i'm sure you will like it, all four of the renegade line parts are interchangeable except one or two parts on the Krome. I have the Velocity and like it very much and the Krome is essentially the velocity pimped out a bit and the jet and spirit are same as velocity except for feed style / cup size. You will like the Wicked as it is very versatile for most applications, just make sure you wear a mask and good ventilation if you spray and quantity.
Hello from Wisconsin. Great people,and great advice on here. You'll be glad you fond us.
i have to ask why do i need a respirator for wicked its not solvent based. thanks
So a simple dust mask should work right? It just needs to catch the overspray after all

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ABSOLUTELY!!! Just as Mel said.....at a very MINIMUM a dust type mask, but if you can afford a bit more go with a vapor rated one because even though the vapor on the water based paints are not toxic breathing it in for even several hours can make you feel sick. But it cant be stressed enough...ALWAYS ,always, always wear a mask of some sort!!! I painted without one for a couple hours one time and even now 2 months later I still get an rubbing alcohol type feel and taste on my tongue....now I WONT touch my airbrush without it. I deliberately store my mask with airbrush so I have to grab the mask to get my brush.
thanks i watched that video on my phone at school so i couldnt hear it very well