Hello from Portugal!!

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Hi everyone! My name is Filipe and I live in Oporto, Portugal! I've been airbrushing for about 3 years, and last year I started to do more serious works. Always done this as a hobby, but is a way to get some extra money. I heard about this forum and made the registration and I see that I have a lot to learn in here. There are great artists with excelent works! Congrats for this forum, and to all who make a part of the airbrush family!
I'll put here some photos of some works done so far.
Hope to help and be helped with this forum and try to do even better!

Best regards

hi felipe, great to have you around buddy, I like your work especially the wolf and cat (is it a lynx)?. enjoy your stay here, there are very few rules here apart from tidy up after yourself and keep your feet off the sofa, (cordyk hates getting dust and grime on his lycra bodysuits ;0)
Thanks ad fez. Yes, it is a lynx. Here I didn't put the title. I have to upload to my gallery. No problem with that sofa.. rarely seat on it. :D :D
Welcome to the forum Filipe, good work on your paintings :)
I like that Lynx alot too.
Greetings Filipe, i'm from Loures, welcome aboard, nice plp here and very good tuts :welcoming:.
Btw nice works u got there.
Welcome filipe, love your pictures, the wolf coming out of the shadows is very cool, great portrait too, enjoy yourself here and spread the love my friend:)
Thanks to you all!! I'm already enjoying the tutorials and the whole information at our disposal. It's a great help. But now, time to turn off the computer andl see what my compressor is complaining about.. something wrong with that old crazy machine.. time to think about changing to a new one! :D