Hello from Quebec, Canada


Code Dragon Slayer
Hello, The name is Rémi, I am just starting in airbrushing. I bought a Paasche Talon two years ago for painting fantasy lead miniature figurines, but finally only used it for priming (miniatures too small for my skill). This year I decided that since I had the airbrush might as well try my hand at it seriously, and so I gave up on video gaming to leave me time to airbrush. With the help of airbrushtutor.com and some friends at work who are already good at airbrush (I am lucky to work as IT in a multimedia box which counts a couple of talented artist) one of them gave me a nice home made silent compressor on which I redid all the copper tubing and added an air filter.


I am now happily started on my journey.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home like i do!!!:eagerness:
Welcome Home Rémi, Nice work on the compressor . and very nice to add you into the family.