Hello From Redding, CA.



Hello All,
I am a woodworker (arts & crafts), I am tired of painting with a brush so I wanted to give airbrushing a whirl. I pick up a Central Pneumactic double action airbrush for $20 at Harbor Freight tools. This should be a good starter for me. the reviews were good and bad but I think most of the bad reviews were from people like me (new) but there one review that sounded very professional and went with their review. take care Karl Atkins.
Welcome from Chattanooga!! Unfortunately the bad reviews on your brush are just bad reviews :( but if your just painting one color and really worried about the details involved in fine art it should work good for you to learn with and if you want to get into more of the fine art and learned the good control you always can upgrade:) would love to see some pics of your woodworking, I like to carve also.

Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay here, it's like family and they are always teaching us something new.