Hello from Rochester NY



I have always wanted to learn to airbrush for years, So hear I am trying learn as much as I can from everyone here. I just recently bought a basic system, A Master G22 and hope I can start from there and move up later as my interest and ability increases. Any suggestion and comments will be helpful.
Welcome Home David
You have found the best place to learn.
start with watching here Airbrush Tutor - YouTube Dots Dagger are the basis for all airbrush work you will do.
Enjoy your new family here and joy in the fun. do not be afraid to post up pics of dots and dagger. We are here to help.
Welcome to the Forum David! a lot of helpful members on this site and some fantastic moderators if i do say so myself haha!
Any questions, just ask:)
hey good to see another home town brother here. Welcome
welcome to the forum this is a great place...where about are you in rochester ny?
Hey david welcome buddy, best way to learn is do exactly as you are ask questions, do your research and jump in painting dots daggers and then start on the basic tutorials.....you will love it here, some great members a really friendly helpful bunch
Hey there, welcome from Holland! Hope you have a good time here!
Hi There, and a warm welcome from the UK. I'm sure you will like it here.
Welcome to the family!! Keep asking questions all you want, we don't mind :) that's why we are here. It's a learning community like Sesame Street...... Only cooler:)

Hmm Sesame Street. That would make Josh and ad fez Bert and Ernie, Cordyk cookie monster, Mr Micron the Count, Mitch is Guy Smiley (he can't deny it, just watch the vids), so who's Oscar the Grouch??? As a bird, and a bit fat, I guess that makes me Big Bird :( LOL!!!!
Welcome to the forum, plenty of practise and determination is needed but i'm sure you won't have any problems especially now you are here, there's plenty of good advice and experience on tap if you need it, if in doubt just ask.