Hello from Rolleston, New Zealand

Welcome to the forum from NH.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Hello from Pennsylvania USA and welcome, always a lot of helpful info here.
Heath, trust me, a great bunch. Fun and perfect for beginners and pros. No egos here. More for the art and learning. Compare it to any other site and you will immediately know where you belong. Great to have you here.
Hey guys/gals,

Thanks for the welcome.
Jumped in last night and ordered my first AB (Badger Krome) and today I grabbed some Golden airbrush paints to start my practice with. Probably should’ve waited for the high flowpaint to come out but I’m impatient. I’m guessing I should put the .3 tip in for my first foray into painting and save the .2 tip for later.
My intention is to master life like flames with a skull or two (or at least make a passing go ofit) so I can paint the hot rod I am building (will be a few years before I need a final coat – LOL). . Later on when I have sorted some techniques,etc I will grab some HOK candies and practice on my hotrod (when done wellenough I will sand, final base coat and do the proper job and clear coat).
Can I use an alternative to badger needle juice or is it best to stick with the brand to suit the brush? If I can’t locate any here I will have to find an alternative as the cost of a tiny bottle shipped to NZ is around $40. Also what cleaner do you guys recommend for water based paints (Golden Airbrush or whatever)? I’d prefer to use named brands to suit the paints (may as well let the paint companies scientists get it sorted), but not sure if this brand has one (wasn't one in the shop).
It’s a lot for a first post (okay second post)
Any other advice for a complete noob would be greatly appreciated? Other than run for the hills etc – LOL.

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