Hello from Rome



Nice to be here. 45 years of airbrush experience. I have worked with almost any gun that you can remember the name: Wold, Paasche, T&H, Conopois, Grafo, EFBE, DeVilbiss, Olympos, Iwata...Now, I have only Olympos (all pro types) and use them only occasionally.
Welcome to the forum from the US .

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Hello and welcome from the US, look forward to see some of your work.
welcome from sunny South Africa
elvgren, looking forward to hearing your experiences regarding which guns you like best :)
ciao and welcome from australia :)
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Welcome to the Forum, looking forward to seeing some of your work and gaining some of your experience

Welcome to the forum! 45 years airbrushing !! wow! i was not even born jet when you started. Please post some of your work.
Hello my friend. ... and welcome to our forum. ... wow! With so much Experience I can not wait to see some of your work!! Welcome from the UK
Hi from the uk! I too can't wait to see what 45 years of experience looks like, hope to see some of your work posted soon!
yes yes please post some work also just curious about the olympus air brushes I purchased an iwata custom side feed i love it so now of course i want better lol can you pst about your airbrushes with pics in tha air brush part of the forum thanks....oh I almost forgot welcome from New York
Where to post images in this forum?
I will try with one from 1989 made as illustration for an article dedicated to witches.
Devon Rex cat 50x31 cm, Ecoline colors & Derwent Softcolor pencils for some finishing, 180 gr. Arches card, Olympos MP200 B...


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It works!
Another one (the most recent work from 2012) this is technical design, same Olympos MP200 B and HP BS for background. Bad red color choosed but it was the only one in my possesion that day. Arches 180 gr. card and size 50x29 cm. (Colors Ecoline)


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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place homes as i do!!!:triumphant: