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Hello everyone! I am a retired medic from the AF and started airbrushing when I was 18. Only tried it for about 6 months and then put it down. 30 yrs later I had the urge and am now back into it for one month. I bought an Iwata HP-C and am enjoying it very much. I was hoping to meet with some professionals in the Destin or Panama City Beach area that will tutor me or hire me as an underling so that i can make a living at this. Things have changed a great deal in 30 years for sure and your site is wonderful. I was a member of another site but having issues with a pop-up ad and unable to access anymore. I am looking forward to learning alot and making some friends I hope!
Hi Scott

Welcome to the forum, and I know for sure you've just made your world bigger.

Welcome to the forum! This is a great site and full of talented people. Glad to see someone else from the sunshine state. Good luck and have fun.
Man down MEDIC!!!!! glad to meet you Scott , D.A.V. U.S. Army Special Forces here. A lot of great artist in you neck of the beach to go and learn from. Mainly t-shirt artist on the beach, But even Terry Hill started out doing T-shirts . A lot of helpful videos to watch on this forum , Main thing that has chanced in 30 years is airbrush artist are sharing information now.
Great hobby or business to get into and I am hook 100%..
Glad to meet you!! Yes I am hooked and was considering just dropping by to a few well known artists in the area and asking for a job but wasn't sure if that would be bad form or not, especially being a rookie. Can't lose right?
Tutor thank you for your videos and site! Truly a wonderful way to get ALOT of info and meet some great folks. Sea monkey, zippy and auto art, hello to you from the states and look forward to getting to know many of you. Sorry Seamonkey I guess I missed the TN lol. Hello to you from another state :)
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