Hello from Scotland



Hi, ive been airbrushing now for approx a year (still a newbie though with a lot to learn), i use a H&S Evo, Devilbiss DAGR & a couple of cheapo's & use mostly Auto Air Paints, but plan to order some Wicked paints to try after reading some possitive threads on here,
Like most, ive seen a lot of tutorial vids on the web, but the tutorials on here are excellent, very inspiring & done with a great vibe! Im Hoping to learn a lot of new tips & tricks.
Welcome to the forum Highlander :)

I too have been trying to decide what paint to opt for and judging by the general opinions I think I will also be opting for the Wicked range of paint.
Welcome Highlander, and I look forward to see some of your work in a few posts ;)
Welcome highlander, come in and enjoy this forum, you are more than welcome to join all the great people and talent that is here.
Every body here is to help and share what we know and don't be afraid to ask any question as we are at all levels and none of us are to big for our boots! So welcome again and dive in my friend:).