Hello from Scotland



Totally new to this airbrushing malarkey.....I usually work in water colours, but have spent the past 2 years helping my other half restore a 1969 VW camper and as its all white I figure it'll be the perfect canvas for some airbrushing!

Don't worry it'll be a while before I attempt to paint on the van.... Hence being here after watching the videos Mitch has on YouTube. I suspect it could be a few years before I attempt the van :topsy_turvy:

I'll post up some pics soon....the posty has arrived wi my 1st airbrush!!, :fat:

cheerio the noo
Hey mac welcome aboard mate!, you should enjoy your new hobby and we are all here when you need some help, I love campers, what is it a bay or a splitty
Hi Macy,
Welcome to the Forum. What airbrush did you get?
cheers Mel
Welcome home Macy, You have found a great place to learn , hang out and have fun.
Thanks for the welcome folks...... The van is an early bay, some call them lowlights.

newly acquired airbrush is a Veda180, cheap I know but, it'll do for now. Unpacked it and stripped down with a little lubing ready for some action tomorrow on my day off!
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!
Hey Macy, welcome to the forum. With all the help around here, and as long as you have time to practice, you'll be painting that van sooner than you think.