Hello from SoCal

Welcome aboard Slowhand.
Have a seat, strap in, grab a beverage of choice and enjoy the ride.
- Joe
Welcome Slowhand, What brush was You searching for ?
After reading and seeing multiple reviews, I ordered the GSI Creos PS-771. Still working with it but so far I'm impressed. It's starting to dawn on me that a steady hand and a well located target to paint are pretty important to achieving the desired results. I have stepped up positioning aspect with some Panavise products, but the steady hand part can come and go.
Oh and be sure to post up Your work, good or bad, We love pics and are always glad to offer advise if asked for :thumbsup:
Recent search for a new airbrush lead me here. Read some helpful reviews and decided to join. Never to old to lean. Looking forward to learning more.
Don't ever stop learning, it keeps the brain active :)
Enjoy looking around and I'm sure you'll have questions so don't hesitate to ask