hello from South africa



Good morning ALL

My friends call me Fly and I come from Sunny South Africa and I seriously want to learn more about airbrushing. I have been slowly building up my kit, bargains most of the time :) I have a good few temp tatto stencils, some of which I converted and had made. I want to thank the Airbrushtutor for the great youtube vids that are incredibly inspiring.
Generally speaking the airbrushing is a secondary use as I sometimes make strange things - like the computer case modification based on planetside2 game I have just finished for this case modding competition (yes its a working computer:eagerness:)
ECS Custom Case


I airbrushed the camo - it still needs another coating to get the lines and spacings right, but I am waiting for the results to come in before i spend more time on it.

using the same stencil I cut out from an internet pic -
Welcome from NH in the US

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Welcome Home Flycatcher..
That is one sweet looking computer mod. would love to see a 360 view of it..
hi mr micron - thanks :)
ECS Custom Case

those are my entry pics for the modding comp- and as soon as i have recoated the giraffe camo I will def post a few more pics
Fly, looks great!!!!! Many techniques and options for airbrushing. Welcome from Florida. Enjoy this AWSOME forum.
Hey Fly, from the uk, plently of other model makers here so you should feel right at home.
welcome flycatchr! that's an incredibly cool little tower you've made, i've never seen anything like it? A big welcome to the forum mate, ask away if you have any questions:)
thanks Airbrushtutor :) i hope to get somewhere in a case modding comp. but they haven't released the results yet (supposed to by the 15th March).
thanks Seamonkey
Pity i didn't get anywhere with the PC comp :(