Hello From Southern Maryland



Hello all. I'm just getting back into airbrushing after needing to take a break and deal with work and family stuff. But some times a break is exactly what you need to recenter yourself. I typically just do custom work for myself and my family and friends, but am looking at getting my name out there for some more commission work, but mostly as a means for funding my hobby. I started with a Paasche VL and a small, tankless, noisy compressor. I still use the VL for base coats and large projects. My workhorse is a Devilbiss Dagr, that I love using. My wife just purchased for me an Iwata Custom Micron CM-B as an early Birthday present...she's definitely a keeper. Here are some pics:

CoD Themed 360 Controller for my brother...
17 - Bottom Right Iso.jpg15 - Back Right Iso.jpg14 - Back Left Iso.jpg

Bass guitar for a friend...
10 - Logo.jpg09 - Cleared 01.jpg

Borderlands 2 Gaige Themed Controller for a friend...
10 Back Right 01.jpg08 Bottom Right 01.jpg07 Bottom Left 01.jpg
Welcome home and Cool work
Border lands is a killer game . My youngest is hooked on it.
Thanks everyone. I'll try and get some pics of the bass once the neck comes in and the black chrome hardware is put on.