Hello from Spain




I'm from Spain (Murcia) and I found this forum looking the net for advice for my new airbrush.

I'm not an artist but a hobbyist model maker (1:35 military plastic models). I've been using a chinese BD-132 and a borrowed old Holbein for near a year with mixed results, but improving every day.
Now I think is time to change to something better.

I've just trade-in the chinese one for a model, so I'm (near) decided to buy a H&S Infinity 2in1 I've found for a (I think) good price (200€).

I know it's too much airbrush for a novice and also to make plastic models, but I'm tired of throw out money on cheap things.

So that's all. I'm sure I'm going to found good advice here.

(excuse my english, I'm from the middle-age, when, in my country, boys use to learn french, not english)
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Welcome aboard godi from the UK, you have come to the right place my friend, and you have got yourself a nice little airbrush that should do you just fine. Dive in and enjoy yourself, there will always be someone to answer your questions and keep spreading the love:)
Thanks to all!

(I'm now using and old borrowed Holbein, trying to decide between Infinity and Evolution, but I'm sure I'm going to improve with any of them)
Welcome Godi! I'm from the neighbour country! ;)
Bienvenido! Soy de Portugal! No dude en preguntar, si tienes alguna pregunta! :)
Welcome to the forum, you will like it!
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