Hello from sunny Puerto Rico


Mac-Valve Maestro!

My name is Ismael. I'm from Puerto Rico. Glad to join this forum.
A summary of my story: I have been building scale models all my life since I was a kid back in the 70s. I graduated engineering college in 1993. At that time, a graphics artist at the University, my good friend Carlos who is now happily retired, also a scale modeler, allowed us students to hang out in his office. We shared the hobby and even had a small club. Among many other things, he showed us the basics of airbrushing. It was an eye opener. I was bringing projects to his office to paint (car bodies, airplane fuselages, etc.). He even allowed me to take his personal airbrush home for a few days. I was hooked for life! That airbrush was a Badger 150. By the way, he still owns it and uses it. I graduated and was looking for a job. I could not afford a complete Badger 150 kit of my own just yet. Somebody recommended me to take a look at Harbor Freight Tools mail order catalog. I found there a low cost airbrush that was surprisingly similar in specs to the Badger 150 for under $20 (I think it was $19.95). It was a Central Pneumatics 1500. We discussed and concluded "I'll buy it until I can get my own 150". Well, lo and behold, 30 years later to today, that airbrush is still my one and only. Best ever! It still performs like day one and never missed a beat! Of course, part of the reason is my religious ritual of fully disassembly and clean after each use.
The story gets a bit convoluted. Shortly after I got mine, a friend asked me to help him get one as well as he liked what I was doing. So he got an identical one. Many years ago, he gave it to me because it was not been used, he got other airbrushes and he had some "issues" with it. I kept it for spare parts just in case. I re-discovered it a few weeks ago and fully restored it to like new condition. Turns out it was just clogged, dirty and not cared for. Then last week I stumbled upon a brand new (New Old Stock) online for less than the original price of 30 years ago! So from been single for 30 years, my airbrush is suddenly one of triplets!
I have recently taken some interest in the history of the airbrush. That led me to my friend Jim ( @2Diverse ) and here I am. Hope to learn more about this favorite tool!
Sorry for the long intro.

Welcome Ismael :)
Feel free to ask any questions and remember to post up what You paint, WE like to be nosey :)
Welcome aboard Ismael, we're always happy to see other artists and what they get up to
I suspect Jim has steered many this way, his airbrush obsession has given him like minded friends.