Hello from sunny So. Cal.



So a nice bloke from the createx group on Facebook had great things to say about this forum and suggested I come sign up. So here I am. Thanks Matt.

Im relatively new to airbrushing. About 3 years now. I have painted and drawn all my life but for some reason thought airbrushing was just for shading untill I saw Craig Fraiser paint a helmet. I thought "I gotta try that." I bought a cheapo airbrush at harbor frieght and stayed up all night painting with water colors and impressing myself. I now own several real airbrushes. Airbrushing led to spray painting which led to pinstriping. And I have much to learn and master in all that. Growing up in the '70s I was surrounded by kustom kulture but never embraced it until now.

So all this is a hobby for me that keeps me sane as I trudge through my real job as an electronics tech in communications. Which was fun untill technology relegated me to an overpaid circuit board swapper. So art is my creative outlet. I build in wood as well.

I am active on "another" forum and I see some familiar handles here. I love to learn new things and enjoy art in all forms. I'm old dog hoping to learn some new tricks.
Hey buddy, welcome from the uk, glad you found us and great to have you on board, like meesh said can't wait to see some if your work!.....its great you heard good things about all of us......after all its the members that make this place what it is..... Settle in, share learn and enjoy
welcome fron honduras,hope you can call this place home,like i do!!!:angel:
Welcome Home Tigertron Nice to have you hear Brother, Have not talked to you in a while .

Through up that skull reference you have over at the KKL:D
Hey Tigertron glad you found us, welcome from the uk. Sounds like you're a triple threat, can't wait to see some of your work, and I will try not to be too jealous of your striping as I just cannot do it.