Hello from Sweden/Norway


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My name is Christer and its finalen time for me to introduce myself. From Sweden but live I Norway for a while more.
I have been around for a while but haven't done anything else than dots and lines before.

Now I actally done something. It's was a little bit scary but hopefully I have the courage to continue on my own.

I have spent the to last days at Marissa Oosterlee's black and white portrait course in Gothenburg. I couldn't imagine it was possible to make something like we did with the lack of experice I had.
I just have to yell out my recommendations for the courses Marissa and Carlos tour with.
Find one near you asap before its to late. ;)

And everyone that was was there please indentify yourself so I know who you are. Haha!

Love & light


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Welcom Christer,
Marissa is an good teacher, this year she and Carlo wil be at our shop againg to give there workshops.


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Hi Christer, welcome aboard. Sure would like to see what you did in Marrisa's class. Right now I'm trying to save some money for Marissa's class in Houston Texas in July. It's the flight from Canada to the US that is killing me. I will perservere :)


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Sv: Hello from Sweden/Norway

Hi Christer, welcome aboard. Sure would like to see what you did in Marrisa's class.

Thanks all.
Mine looks alot like simons but not that good looking and i have alot more to do left.

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Welcome!! Totally jealous of the Marisa course!!!

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welcome from sunny South Africa Christer

Edit - Beautiful work


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Hi Christer from gloomy old UK. Looks like the course helped you no end. Would love to go one day.