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Hi everyone!

My name is Maria and I am a professional artist living in Sweden. I've been airbrushing for about 35 years at this point (and now I made myself feel ancient). I've been involved with miniature equine collectibles (or model horses, if you prefer) ever since I was a child and I feel in love with airbrushed pieces early on. My ever-so-supportive dad got me an airbrush and some paints for Christmas when I was 11 years old (I think) and I guess I have been airbrushing more or less ever since. I have ended up using Iwatas only - it's not that I'm not interested in other brands but at this point I am familiar with the Iwata quirks and know how to pull them apart completely and fix them whenever the need arises. So I guess sheer convenience is trumping curiosity at this point.

Anyway... one of the main reasons I'm here is because I'm moving away from model horse painting and would like to explore other areas of airbrush art. I have some health issues and chronic pain problems and working with miniatures just isn't possible any more, at least not without a lot of agony (and steady stream of profanity). I'm hoping to find a lot of inspiration here - I'm sure it will feel like being a newbie all over again because I have literally never airbrushed anything but tiny plastic ponies.

I don't have a whole lot of photos of my airbrush work on my laptop, but this is the latest piece anyway. 1:9 scale.

Happy to be here and I hope to make some new friends! Ask away if you want to know anything. :)

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hey Dune :)

I think you will not have any problems working on other surfaces considering what I see on your horse. :lipssealed:

Thank you, I hope you're right! It's probably going to feel pretty odd to go from three-dimensional surfaces to flat ones though. Hopefully some of my more traditional art skills will help but you never know. But hey, I love trying new things so it will be fun (although somewhat intimidating LOL)!
Welcome from Australia Maria, at least you won't need to learn the basics, just adapt what you already know !
I've embedded your picture, just so we can all see it a bit easier. It is stunning and I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed you won't be producing these anymore.
one thing we excel at here is help and encouragement so post up anything you are working on and I'm sure ( if needed ) suggestions will be forthcoming. we don't all do 'fine art' we do have modellers that also do art work so a nice crossover of talent.
Welcome from Spain, Dune! I'm so sad to read you won't paint your horses anymore. I'm also a miniature painter and I can say your horses are stunning and beautiful done.
I would like to ask what material these horses are made of, I was wondering what their weight would be because they are 1/9 scale and appears to be heavy.....maybe you could paint another kind of miniatures made of a less heavy material or in a smaller scale, maybe that would help with the pain....I don't know (Sorry I don't mean to pry)
A beautifully done horse Maria:thumbsup:.

I'm sure you will do well with other forms of art. You gotta get past the learning curve. It's something I need to do myself.

Give it some time and perhaps try a few different forms. I hope you find something that you can do well that doesn't cause you pain and you can enjoy doing.
Welcome Dune. That is a beautifully painted miniature. I think you’ll find the skills you already have will transfer over very well. Glad to have you here.